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NA-250 Election Result 2024 Karachi Central 4, Cadidates List

Election Update: The official results for the NA-250 Karachi Central IV Election 2024 have been released, providing detailed information about the votes in the General Election 2024. Election Pakistani shares the names of all candidates, their party affiliations, and the number of votes they received for the NA-250 Karachi Central M.N.A seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan. The elected MNA from N.A-250 District Karachi Wasti in the general election 2024 is from the PTI party.

NA-249 Election Result 2024 Karachi Central 3

Candidates Votes Party
Farhan Chishti(Winner) 79925 MQM-P
Hafiz Naeem Ur Rehman 43659 JIP
Muhammad Riaz Haider 37629 IND.
Sohail Mansoor Khawaja PPP
Asad Jawad Khan Sherwani TLP
Marium Salman IND
Muhammad Khan Afridi ANP
Muhammad Akram Tareen PKMAP
Furqan Ali PML-N
Imrana Saeed Jameel IND
Syed Muhammad Ishrat Ghazali PCP
Sara Ashfaq PMA
Tabish Tofeeq IND
Noureen Iqbal IPP
Muhammad Mushtaq Ahmed GDA
Muhammad Behzad IND
Muhammad Iqbal IND
Abdul Samad Sardar IND
Danish Naseem IND
Muhammad Bilal Haider MML
Fazal Kareem IND
Faraz Ahmed IND
Abdul Rehman Jameel PML-Z
Sidra Imran IND
Jowhar Abid IND
Abubakar Siddiq IND

NA 250 Karachi Central General Election 2024 Result

The results for Karachi Central 3, NA-249 Election 2024, are currently being updated. A total of 27 candidates participated in the general election in NA-249 Karachi Central 3. Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui of MQM-P secured the top position with 77,529 votes. The second position is held by Uzair Ali Khan of IND-PTI, and the third position goes to Muslim Parvaiz of JIP from NA-249.

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NA-250 Karachi Central IV Detail Election Result 2024

The consolidated results for the NA-250 Karachi Central general election 2024 include details about all contestant candidates, providing full information on Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Jamaat-e-Islami, Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan, and independent candidates. These candidates participated in the General Election from N.A-250. The votes of the winning candidate, runner-up candidate, and all other participants are also included in the report.

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