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NA-249 Election Result 2024 Karachi Central 3, Cadidates List

The election update for Karachi Central 3, NA-249 in 2024 reveals that Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui of MQM-P emerged as the winner, securing the top position with 77,529 votes. The second position is held by Uzair Ali Khan of IND-PTI.

NA 249 Karachi West General Election 2024 Result

Candidates Votes Party
Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui(Winner) 77529 MQM-P
Uzair Ali Khan 51152 IND.
Muslim Parvaiz 27205 JIP
Muhammad Zahid 15764 IND
Hafiz Muhammad Hamid Mehmood Kagani 9494 TLP
Abdul Waheed 7502 PPP
Syed Ansub Raza Fatmi 1804 PML-N
Abid Hussain Qureshi 1416 IND
Muhammad Imran Khan 909 IND
Ata ul Mustafa Jamil Rathore 764 IND
Muhammad Faisal 681 GDA
Ahmed Niazi 641 IND
Syed Ali Salman 596 IND
Adeel Arif 547 IND
Abdul Azeem Khan 520 MML
Rao Asif Ali 519 IND
Niamat Khalil 490 ANP
Abdul Samad Sardar 451 IND
Saeed Ahmed 381 IND
Sidra Imran 348 IND
Syed Mushahid Hussain 307 IND
Shumaila Abdul Hakeem 248 IND
Qasim Jahangir 173 IND
Nosherwan Adil 171 IND
Ghulam Mohiuddin Ghouri 72 IND
Yasir Ali 45 PMA

NA-249 Election Result 2024 Karachi Central 3

In Pakistan, General elections are conducted every five years to elect Members of the National Assembly (MNA) and Provincial Assembly. The country is divided into different constituencies, and 27 candidates are participating in the 2024 general election in NA-249 Karachi Central 3.

Check NA-249 Election Result 2024 Karachi Central 3

Each constituency is represented by one MNA in the National Assembly, and these MNAs are assigned specific names based on their respective areas.

USD to PKR – US Dollars to Pakistani Rupees

NA-249 Election result 2024 Karachi Central III

It is important to note that constituencies and MNAs can vary depending on population changes and shifts in political dynamics. The representation of this constituency, NA-249, may evolve over time in response to these factors. Stay tuned for further updates as the election progress continues.

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