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NA-245 Election Result 2024 Karachi West 2, Cadidates List

The comprehensive and finalized official results of the 2024 election for NA-245 Karachi West IV are provided below, detailing the votes received by each candidate in the General Election. Election Pakistani presents information about the names of all candidates, their party affiliations, and the respective votes they garnered in the General Election 2024 for the M.N.A. seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan. The elected MNA from N.A-245 District Karachi Gharbi in the general election of 2024 represents various political parties, including PML-N, TLP, JUIF, JIP, MQM-P, PSP, PPP, and PTI.

Check NA-245 Election Result 2024 Karachi West 2

Candidates Votes Party
Syed Hafeezuddin(Winner) 57356 MQM-P
Atta Ullah 36788 IND.
Muhammad Ishaq Khan 15700 JIP
صدیق اکبر 12526 PPP
Amin Ullah 9676 JUIF
Wazir Ahmed Norani 8854 TLP
Syed Majed Ullah 5639 IND
Muhammad Idrees 4618 IND
Khuda Nazar 1696 PRP
Subhan Ali 1356 IND
Muhammad Ameer Hamza 1172 IND
Syed Rabab Haider 807 MML
Amir Nawab 733 ANP
Eid Muhammad 520 SKQM
Shah Zia Uddin Khan 400 TTP
Fayyaz Kaim Khani 343 IND
Abdul Jalil Khan 276 IND
Imdad Ullah 192 IND
Muhammad Arif 148 IND
Noor Hussain 105 PAAM
Parveen Usman 81 PNAP
Shahbaz Khalid 63 IND
Waqar Ahmed 54 IND
Gul Zameen IND

NA-245 Karachi West II Detail Election Result 2024

As of now, the update for the Karachi West 2, NA-245 Election Result 2024 is still in progress. A total of 24 candidates participated in the 2024 general election in NA-245 Karachi West 2. Syed Hafeezuddin of MQM-P emerged as the winner, securing the top position in the election results with 57,356 votes. The second position is held by Atta Ullah of IND-PTI, while the third position is claimed by Amin Ullah JUIF of NA-245.

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NA 245 Karachi West General Election 2024 Result

The consolidated result of the general election 2024 for NA-245 Karachi West provides detailed information about all contestant candidates, including their political affiliations and votes received. The candidates from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, and Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan, as well as independent candidates, are included in this comprehensive report. It encompasses the votes of the winning candidate, the runner-up candidate, and all other candidates who participated in the General Election from N.A-245.

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