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NA-243 Election Result 2024 Karachi Keamari 2, Cadidates List

Election Update: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced the results for the NA-243 Karachi Keamari-II Election 2024 on February 9, 2024. This includes details and the official outcome of the General Election 2024.

NA-243 Karachi Keamari-ll PTI Candidate 2024

You can find information about all the candidates and their respective parties, along with the number of votes they received in the election. Election Pakistani provides the names of candidates, their party affiliations, and the votes they secured for the NA-243 Keamari M.N.A seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

  Candidates Votes
Party Abdul Qadir Patel(Winner) 60266
PPP Shujaat Ali 48690
IND. Akhtar Hussain Jadoon 19595
PML-N Shiraz Khan Jadoon 13082
JIP Syed Kashif Ali Shah 12569
TLP Humayun Sultan 7176
MQM-P Abdul Rahim 1309
MML Yousuf Khan 1090
IND Sachanand Lakhwani Sachal 552
IND Ghulam Mustafa 544
IND Habib Ur Rehman 529
IND Syed Fida Hussain Shah 361
IND Muzaffar Ahmed 352
PMLSAF Subhan Ali Sahil 227
IND Muhammad Rahim 169
PKMAP Muhammad Moosa 159
IND Hamid Khan Jadoon 134
IND Faisal Somroo 114
IND Luqman Khan Jadoon 95

NA 243 Karachi East General Election 2024 Result

For live updates, results, and a list of all candidates, visit this page. The election covers various parties such as PML-N, TLP, JUIF, JIP, and PTI. The elected MNA from N.A-243 District Keamari Karachi in the general election 2024 is the candidate from PTI.

NA-243 Election Result 2024 Karachi Keamari 2

It’s important to note that polling took place on February 8, 2024, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The ECP officially announced the election results on February 9, 2024. Here, we provide the unofficial results for NA-243 Karachi Keamari-II, including details about the winning candidate, the runner-up, and all other participants.

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NA 243 Karachi East General Election 2024 Result

The election results for Karachi Keamari 2, NA-243, are currently being updated. A total of 19 candidates participated in the general election, with Abdul Qadir Patel of PPPP securing the top position with 60,266 votes. The second position is held by Shujaat Ali of IND-PTI, and the third position goes to Shiraz Khan Jadoon of JIP from NA-243.

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