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NA-217 Election Result 2024 Tando Allah Yar, Cadidates List

NA-217 Election Result 2024 Tando Allah Yar .The representative from Tando Yaar has been decided for the National Assembly. Here are the results: In constituency 217, Tando Yaar, Zulfiqar Bachani from the People’s Party secured victory with 11,530 votes. The GDA candidate received 7,377 votes but did not win. So, there’s a new winner for NA-217 Tando Yaar in this election.

NA-217 Election Result 2024

NA-217 Election Result 2024 Tando Allah Yar

Candidates Votes Party
Zulfiqar Bachani(Winner) 115000 PPP
Rahila Magsi 69900 GDA
Rozeena Bhutto 6006 IND.
Muhammad Jahangeer 3219 TLP
Muhammad Sikandar 1528 PRP
Deedar Hussain 1416 JIP
Muhammad Khalid Khanzada 807 IND
Rashid Hussain 778 IND
Zeeshan 330 KS
Mir Muhammad Khokhar 262 IND
Abdul Sattar Bachani 241 IND
Muhammad Jaffar 194 IND
Javed Ali 173 IND
Immam-ud-Din Sheikh 153 IND
Ghulam Shabbir 108 IND
Jamil Ahmed IND
Muhammad Azam Khan MQM-P
Shahbaz Ahmed khan IND

NA-217-Tando Allahyar GENERAL ELECTIONS 2024 | RESULTS

NA-217 Tando Yaar is strategically significant because of its representation in the National Assembly. The electoral results of this constituency mirror the preferences and political dynamics of the local community, influencing the overall political scenario.

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In summary, the election outcomes in NA-217 Tando Yaar demonstrate a clear win for Zulfiqar Bachani of the People’s Party, highlighting the party’s stronghold in the area. This result emphasizes the importance of grassroots backing and well-executed campaign tactics in achieving electoral triumph.

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