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NA-208 Election Result 2024 Shaheed Benazirabad 2

The full and final results for the 2024 election in NA-208 Shaheed Benazirabad II have been announced. Election Pakistani has provided detailed information on the candidates’ names, their political party affiliations, and the number of votes they received for the General Election 2024 in the NA-208 constituency. The candidates from various parties including GDA, PRP, JUIF, JIP, PPP, and PTI participated. The MNA elected from NA-208 Nawabshah District Shaheed Benazirabad in the General Election 2024 has been declared.

NA-208 Election Result 2024

All Candidate Votes Election 2024 of NA 208 Shaheed Benazirabad

Candidates Votes Party
Syed Ghulam Mustafa Shah(Winner) 125352 PPP
Syed Zain Ul Abdin 58714 GDA
Ghulam Mustafa Shah 6415 IND
Syed Ghulam Ali Shah 4845 IND
Gul Muhammad Rind 2555 IND.
Aashique Hussain 2385 TLP
Muhammad Anwar Khan 1013 JIP
Asadullah Unar 988 IND
Ghullamullah Mari 784 IND
Danish Anam 585 MML
Abdul Qayoom 580 IND
Najma 406 MQM-P
Aneela 260 JUIF
Khan Muhammad Dahri 237 IND
Farooq Ahmed 181 IND
Ghulam Rasool Khan Unar 181 IND
Jaam Tabraiz 139 IND
Pervaiz Ahmed Chandio 50 IND
Sayed Mahmood Ahmed Shah 39 IND

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NA 208 Shaheed Benazirabad General Election 2024 Result

The complete consolidated results for the General Election 2024 in NA-208 Shaheed Benazirabad, including detailed information on all contesting candidates, have been provided. The candidates representing Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Peoples Party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Jamaat-e-Islami, Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan, as well as independent candidates, along with their respective vote counts, are listed. Additionally, the votes received by the winning candidate, the runner-up candidate, and all other contestants in the General Election 2024 from NA-208 are included in the report.

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