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NA-156 Election Result 2024 Vehari 1, Cadidates List

The Vehari General Election Result for 2024 was announced on February 9, 2024. The election took place on February 8, 2024. In the National Assembly, each area has a representative called an MNA. The results for NA-156 Vehari I are being updated.

NA-156 Multan Election 2024 Full Result Candidates Vote

Candidates Votes Party
Ayesha Nazir Jatt(Winner) 119820 IND.
Chaudhry Nazeer Ahmad Arrain 90353 PML-N
Shehbaz Ahmed 18673 TLP
Irshad Ahmed 13856 IND
Kamran Yousaf Ghuman 5211 PPP
Shaheen Iqbal 2432 JUIF
Anam Hamza 2102 JIP
Abu Zar 1648 MML
Abdul Basit Sattar 478 IND
Umer Usman 242 IND
Asghar Ali 183 IND
Muhammad Imran Irshad 1 IND
Muhammad Shehbaz Ahmed IND
Khalid Mehmood Chohan IND
Khalid Zubair Nisar IND

NA-156 Election Result 2024 Vehari 1

In this election, there were 15 candidates for the NA-156 Vehari 1 constituency. The results can change based on the population and political shifts. Election Pakistani provides details about the candidates, their party affiliation, and the votes they received in the general election 2024 for the NA-156 Vehari M.N.A seat in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

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NA 156 Vehari General Election 2024 Result

Ayesha Nazir Jatt from IND-PTI secured the top position with 119,820 votes. The second position went to Chaudhry Nazeer Ahmad Arrain of PML-N, and the third position was claimed by Shehbaz Ahmed TLP of NA-156. The elected MNA from N.A-156 District Vehari in the general election 2024 represents the parties PML-N, TLP, JUIF, JIP, APML, and PTI.

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