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NA-143 Election Result 2024 Sahiwal 3, Cadidates List

In Pakistan, there is an election every five years to choose the people who will be in charge of the National Assembly and the Provincial Assembly. The country is split into different areas, and each area has its election.

NA-143 Okara Election 2024 Full Result Candidates Vote

Candidates Votes Party
Rai Hassan Nawaz Khan(Winner) 147147 IND.
Muhammad Tufail 83480 IND
Malik Nauman Ahmed Langriyal 32121 IPP
Zahid Iqbal 19979 IND
Majid Hussain 17629 TLP
Ali Javed 6303 PPP
Rai Iqbal Ahmad Khan 4680 IND
Faiz Miran 3157 JIP
Arshad Nawab 2812 MML
Naseem Aslam 812 IND
Raja Kamran Akhtar 670 IND
Ahmed Murtaza 576 IND
Salwat Shahzad Aziz 460 PAT
Rai Muhammad Murtaza Iqbal 453 IND
Ahmad Ali Nasir 354 IND
Faisal Farrukh Nawab 352 IND
Yasar Altaf Rana 220 NP

NA-143 Election Result 2024 Okara-III

The results for the Sahiwal Election in 2024 were announced today, on February 9, 2024. You can find all the details about the election for NA-143 Okara-III National Assembly, like who the candidates were, live coverage, the results before the election, and the past results from 2018, 2013, and 2008 for NA-143. The election happened on February 8, 2024.

Sahiwal NA Election Result 2024 Final Announced

In the National Assembly, each area is represented by one person, and they are called MNA. The result for the NA 148 Election in 2024 will be on the official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). These MNAs have specific names based on their area. Anyone can check the election result for any area. The area and the MNA can change depending on how many people live there and if there are any political changes.

NA-143 Sahiwal III Election result 2024

You can find the complete and accurate results for NA-141 Sahiwal I in 2024, along with information about voting in the general election. The area and the MNA can change based on the population and political changes.

Ak Lasbela Report Today

NA-143 Results of Sahiwal 3 for Election 2024

You can also see the main parties competing in NA-143, like Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, Pakistan Muslim League (Zia), JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI, Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP), All Pakistan Muslim League, and other popular political parties.

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