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NA-139 Election Result 2024 Pakpattan 1, Cadidates List

Pak Pattan General Election Result 2024 has been officially declared today, on February 9, 2024. The election, which took place on February 8, 2024, is part of the regular electoral cycle where general elections in Pakistan are conducted every five years to elect Members of the National Assembly (MNA) and Provincial Assembly.

NA-139 Election Result 2024 Kasur-III

Party Candidates Votes
IND Rao Umar Hasham Khan 115961
.PML-N Ahmed Raza Maneka 83979
IND Pir Ahmad Shah Khagga
TLP Ghulam Mohyu Din
PPP Mian Humayun Sarwar Bodla
JIP Shaukat Ali Bhatti
JUP-N Rao Azmat Ullah
IND Asghar Ali
IND Rao Naseem Hashim Khan
IND Mazhar Fareed Wattoo
IND Shafiq Ahmad
IND Rao Usman Hashim Khan
MML Muhammad Iqbal
IND Tariq Qayyum Shah
IND Ali Raza Khan
IND Waqar Ahmad Khan
IND Mian Atta Muhammad Maneka
IND Faheem Ahmad
IND Rao Jamil Hashim Khan  

Check NA-139 Election Result 2024 Pakpattan 1

The update for NA-139 Pakpattan 1 Election Result 2024 is currently in progress. You can find the Pak Pattan Election result 2024 for National Assembly constituencies NA-139 and NA-140 here. Pakistan is divided into different constituencies, and NA-139 Pakpattan 1 has witnessed the participation of 18 candidates in the 2024 general election. Rao Umar Hasham Khan from IND-PTI secured the top position in the election results by receiving 115,961 votes.

Pak Pattan General Election Result 2024 Final

The second position is held by Ahmed Raza Maneka of PML-N. The third position goes to Pir Ahmad Shah Khagga from IND in NA-139. The General Election 2024 in Pakistan was held on February 8, 2024, and the official results for NA-139 Pakpattan 1 will be available on the official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Ak Lasbela Report Today

NA-139 Election Result 2024 Pakpattan 1

Each constituency is represented by one Member of the National Assembly (MNA) in the National Assembly. These MNAs are given specific names corresponding to their areas. The outcome of the election has been announced, and this constituency and MNA representation can vary according to population and political changes.

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