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NA-127 Election Result 2024 Lahore 11, Cadidates List

upcoming elections for NA-127 Lahore XI, including candidates’ details, election results, live coverage, pre-poll results, or constituency reports.

NA-127 Election Result 2024

Candidates Votes Party
Attah Ullah Tarrar 32458 PML-N
Malik Zaheer Abbas Khokhar 24751 IND.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari 6922 PPP
Matloob Ahmad TLP
Syed Ihsan Ullah Waqas JIP
Abdul Karim Rahi Kalwar IND
Shabir Ahmed IND
sami Ullah IND
Khalid Ahmad IND
Chaudry Zahid Akram PTI-N
Muhammad muzzamil IND
Muhammad Asif Jutt IND
Abdul Sami khan IND
Shahid Siddique Khan IND
Salman Amjad IND
Chaudhry Muhammad Atif IND
Jamil Asghar Bhatti IND
Muhammad Saleem khan IND
Asma Zaheer Abbas IND
Khalid Naik IND
ch zubair kassana IND
Javed sharif PTE
Waqif Tahmasb Kiyani IND
Muhammad Mansha IND
Muhammad Saeed ahmad IND

NA-127 Lahore Election 2024 Full Result Candidates Vote

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the NA-127 Lahore XI constituency in the upcoming general elections, including details of candidates, live coverage, pre-poll results, and constituency reports, I recommend consulting reliable sources such as the Election Commission of Pakistan, reputable news websites, or official government announcements closer to the election date.

Total Number of Registered Voters in the Constituency Total
Male Voters 202,760
Female Voters 168,916
Total Voters 371,676
Population 972,875

NA-127 Lahore-Xl PTI Candidate 2024

Similarly, for information about previous election results for NA-127 in 2018, 2013, and 2008, as well as details about the top parties contesting from NA-127, I suggest checking official election records or reliable news sources that cover historical election data in Pakistan.

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