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NA-126 Election Result 2024 Lahore 10, Cadidates List

As of my last update in January 2022, I don’t have access to specific details about the 2024 National Assembly election results for NA-126 Lahore-10, including candidates’ details, party positions, campaign information, voter turnout, and constituency reports. Additionally, I don’t have access to live coverage or pre-poll results.

NA-126 Election Result 2024

Candidates Votes Party
Malik Saif Ul Mulook Khokhar(Winner) 67717 PML-N
Malik Touqeer Abbas Khokhar 60479 IND.
Muhammad Ahmad Majeed 10123 TLP
Chaudhary Amjad Ali Jutt PPP
Ameer ul Azim JIP
Malik Nisar Ahmad Khokhar IND
Malik Khadim Hussain IND
Muhammad Sarfraz Ali IND
Abdul Aziz Abid IND
Shahid Siddique Khan IND
Mian Muhammad Jamil IND
Malik Muhammad Zaman IND
Malik Jahangir Hussain IND
Asim Malik IND
Salman Raza Bara IND
Malik Nadeem Abbas IND
Imran Liaqat MML
zafar Iqbal IND
Bilawal Ayub IND

NA-126 Election 2024 Result

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the NA-126 Lahore-10 constituency in the 2024 National Assembly elections, including election results, candidates’ details, and party positions, I recommend consulting reliable sources such as the Election Commission of Pakistan, reputable news websites, or official government announcements.

Total Number of Registered Voters in the Constituency Total
Male Voters 189,392
Female Voters 125,712
Total Voters 315,104
Population 938,880

NA-126 Lahore Election 2024 Full Result Candidates Vote

If you need information about the previous election results for NA-126 in 2002, 2008, 2013, and 2018, I suggest checking official election records or reliable news sources that cover historical election data in Pakistan.

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