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NA-12 Election Result 2024 Kohistan-cum-Kolai Palas, Cadidates List

In Pakistan, there is a big event that happens every five years called the General Elections. During this event, people vote to choose their representatives for the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly. Pakistan is divided into different areas called constituencies, and each one has its representative in the National Assembly.

Sub constituency in NA 12 Kohistan-cum-Kolai Palas

Candidates Votes Party
Muhammad Idrees 16812 IND
Salah Uddin 7738 JUIF
Maulana kareem dad IND
Mehboob Ullah Jan PPP
Taj Mal IND
Yahya khan IND
Muhammad Zaboor IND
Talib Jan JIP
Hijab Khan IND
Taj Muhammad IND.
Malik Qadam Khan IND
Habib Ullah IND
Muhammad Naseem IND
Daud Khan IND

Kohistan NA-12 General Election Result 2024

These representatives are called MNAs, and they are named based on the area they represent. The number of MNAs can change depending on the population and political changes in the country. Since then, people have been excited to learn about the candidates running in their constituency, NA-12. Below is a list of the candidates who will be competing in the upcoming elections from NA-12.

NA 12 Result 2024

Total Population 1043126
Registered Voters 96125
Men Voters 03915
Women Voters 92210

Kohistan Lower-cum-Kolai Palas Kohistan PTI Candidate 2024

One specific constituency is called NA-12 Kohistan Upper-cum-Kohistan Lower-cum-Kolai Palas Kohistan Constituency. This area has a certain number of registered voters, which includes both females and males. This information is important for the General Elections, which are set to take place on February 8th to elect the 16th National Assembly. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) announced the schedule on December 15th, 2023.

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