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NA-1 Chitral Election Full Result 2024 Candidates Vote

Dive into the details of the NA-1 Election Result 2024 with this comprehensive resource! Learn about the candidates, their backgrounds, and the parties they are affiliated with in the National Assembly. Explore the election campaigns, voter turnout, and even pre-poll predictions to get a complete picture.

NA-1 Chitral Election Full Result 2024

In Pakistan, some elections happen every five years to choose the people who will be in charge of making important decisions for the country. These elections are called General Elections. During these elections, people vote to select their representatives for the National Assembly and Provincial Assembly.

NA-1 Chitral Result 2024

Candidates Votes Party
Abdul Latif 25310 IND.
Muhammad Talha Mehmood 20061 JUI
Fazli Rabbi 1137 PPP
Molana Abdul Akbar Chitrali 200 JIP
Iftikhar Uddin 100 PML-N
Muhammad Javeed Khan IND
Sayeda Maimoona Shah IND
Asad Ur Rehman IND
Mukhtar Nabi IND
Khatija Bibi ANP

NA-1 Election Result 2024

Pakistan is divided into different areas called constituencies. Each constituency has one person called a Member of the National Assembly (MNA) who represents them in the National Assembly. The MNAs are given specific names based on the areas they represent.

Sub constituency in NA 1 Chitral Upper-cum- Lower

Total Number of Registered Voters in the Constituency
Male Voters 151,219
Female Voters 118,360
Total Voters 269,579
Population 515,935

NA-1 Upper Chitral-cum-Lower Chitral Result 2024

The size of these constituencies and the number of MNAs can change depending on how many people live in an area and if there are any changes in the political situation. So, the names and areas represented by MNAs can change based on the population and political developments.

Voter Slip for election 2024 Download

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