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Moon Day: Empowering Peaceful Space Cooperation

For thousands of years, civilizations have gazed at the sky, pondering the Moon’s origin and enigmatic nature. Visitors to this event will have the unique opportunity to view a lunar meteorite and observe the Moon through telescopes. Ever since space exploration began nearly 70 years ago, the Moon has captivated the imaginations of scientists, leading to numerous missions, including crewed flights culminating in the historic first Moon landing in 1969. Moon Day: Empowering Peaceful Space Cooperation.

Promoting Peaceful Space Collaboration: Celebrating International Moon Day

The event’s commencement is set for midday, with the CSEO unveiling its “Apollo to Artemis” exhibition to the public. This exhibition will showcase NASA’s missions to the Moon. Recognizing the global interest in outer space, the General Assembly, in December 1958, adopted its first resolution concerning outer space titled “Question of the Peaceful Use of Outer Space,” which emphasized the need to reserve outer space solely for peaceful purposes. Moon Day: Empowering Peaceful Space Cooperation.

Moon Day: Empowering Peaceful Space Cooperation

Starting at 7 pm in the evening, various interactive displays, demonstrations, and documentaries will be available for attendees. The treaty, often referred to as the “Magna Carta of space,” includes provisions prohibiting States from placing weapons of mass destruction on any satellite or celestial body, as well as from asserting claims of national sovereignty in outer space.

Uniting Nations through Space Exploration: International Moon Day’s Impact on Cooperation

International Moon Day is celebrated annually on July 20, commemorating the historic moment when humans first set foot on the Moon in 1969. UNOOSA serves as the Secretariat for the General Assembly’s sole committee dedicated to international cooperation in the peaceful uses of space, known as the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS).

NASA’s Starling: Autonomous Satellite Advancement

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