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Money Flows into the National Treasury

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Money Flows into the National Treasury

Money went into the country’s bank account, and the amount of foreign money the country has saved up went up a lot this week. Before, the amount of foreign money was going down, but now it’s not going down anymore. The central bank’s report says that the foreign money we have went up a lot this week. In total, we now have $9.93 million more in foreign money.

The State Bank of Pakistan shared data, saying that by December 8, the central bank’s foreign money went from $26 million to $7.048 billion. Also, the money in commercial banks went up to $5.1656 billion, increasing by $7.87 million. So, by December 1, our total foreign money went from $12.01071 billion to $12.02064 billion.

At the same time, the value of our money, the rupee, is increasing in the money market. In the bank market on Thursday, the dollar’s value compared to the rupee went down, but it stayed the same in the open market. Because there is more money available than what people want, the rupee is still losing value against the dollar in the bank market on Friday too.

In the bank market, the dollar went down by 26 paise and closed at 283 rupees and 25 paise. On the other hand, in the open market, the value of the dollar stayed the same at 284 rupees and 50 paise.

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According to the Forex report on Thursday, the value of the Euro went up by 3.50 paise to Rs. 311, and the value of the British pound went up by Rs. 3.50 to Rs. 362. The selling price of the Saudi Riyal went down by 20 paise to 76 rupees, and the selling price of the UAE dirham stayed the same at 78 rupees.

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