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Ministry of IT and Telecom Initiates Search for New CEO of Pakistan Software Export Board

The Ministry of IT and Telecom (MoITT) has launched a search for a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to lead the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), following the departure of former CEO Ali Raza in October 2023.

Ministry of IT and Telecom Initiates Search for New CEO of Pakistan Software Export Board

The announcement, made after months of vacancy in the position, marks a significant step towards stabilizing the leadership of the PSEB, a key entity in Pakistan’s IT sector.

The official call for applications outlines specific criteria for potential candidates. Prospective CEOs must hold a relevant degree in fields such as computer science, IT engineering, or business administration. Preference will be given to individuals with technical backgrounds and a master’s degree in marketing, management, or business administration. Moreover, applicants are expected to have at least 12 years of relevant experience, with five years in a senior leadership role.

Established in 1995, the PSEB plays a vital role in fostering Pakistan’s IT industry. It provides support to IT companies and freelancers and is currently driving the establishment of e-Rozgar Centers aimed at empowering freelancers across the country.

To facilitate these initiatives, the government has allocated a substantial budget of Rs. 2 billion to the PSEB. Of this, Rs. 1 billion is earmarked for the development of e-Rozgar centers, while another Rs. 1 billion is allocated for IT training programs. A permanent CEO is seen as essential to ensure the effective management and implementation of these initiatives.

In the interim, the Federal Cabinet has assigned Additional Secretary of MoITT, Ayesha Humera, with the additional charge of CEO of PSEB. However, the ministry’s move to initiate the CEO appointment process underscores the government’s commitment to bringing stability to the PSEB.

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As Pakistan’s IT sector continues to grow and evolve, the selection of a capable and visionary leader for the PSEB will be crucial in driving innovation, fostering growth, and positioning the country as a global IT hub.

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