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Meezan Bank Collaborates with PAFLA to Strengthen Freelancers

Meezan Bank partners with Pakistan Freelancers Association to provide tailored banking services for freelancers, aiming to simplify account opening, streamline remittance processes, and boost financial well-being. The collaboration emphasizes Meezan Bank’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of the freelance community, offering benefits such as discounted taxes and attractive currency conversion rates.

Meezan Bank Collaborates with PAFLA to Strengthen Freelancers

Meezan Bank, which is a big Islamic bank in Pakistan, recently agreed with the Pakistan Freelancers Association (PAFLA). They signed a paper called a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide special banking services to freelancers.

The agreement was made official at a signing event at Meezan House in Karachi. Important people from both groups were there, like Ziaul Hasan and Ms. Shazia Khurram from Meezan Bank, and Tufail Ahmed Khan and Ibrahim Amin from PAFLA.

According to the deal, PAFLA will help freelancers from different fields to join Meezan Bank. This will let them easily open an account, quickly send money, and get special services to improve their money situation.

Meezan Bank plans to tell more people about its services through PAFLA’s events like training sessions, conferences, road shows, and academic events.

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Ziaul Hasan, who works for Meezan Bank, said during the event, “This collaboration with PAFLA shows that Meezan Bank wants to help freelancers especially. We want to give them services like discounted taxes, good exchange rates, and the option to choose the banking products they want. This will help freelancers do well in their work and contribute to the country’s economy.”

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