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Master the E-Sign Test: Your Key to a Driving License in Punjab!

“Discover how Punjab’s traffic police is improving road safety by cracking down on unlicensed drivers. Learn the process of obtaining a driving license, including the electronic theory test, in this informative video from Lahore Traffic Police. Drive safely and stay informed!”

Master the E-Sign Test: Your Key to a Driving License in Punjab!

In Punjab, the traffic police are working to make the roads safer and protect people’s lives. They are taking action against those who drive without a license.

To get a driving license, you first need to get a learner’s license. After practicing for a certain amount of time, you can take a theory and practical test to get a valid driving license.

The theory test includes questions about traffic signs, rules, and procedures. It’s important to practice answering questions about these rules. The test is done to make sure that drivers can make the right decisions in different situations.

To help applicants, the test is now done electronically. The Lahore Traffic Police have even shared a video to show applicants how to take and pass the electronic signs test. Watch the video to learn more:

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