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Major Decision: Sindh Grants 52,000 Acres for Corporate Agriculture

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Major Decision: Sindh Grants 52,000 Acres for Corporate Agriculture

The caretaker government in Sindh has agreed to give more than 52,000 acres of state land for corporate farming. This decision was made last week and includes specific areas in Khairpur, Mithi, Dadu, Sujawal, Thatta, and Badin, according to Geo News. The approval comes from the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC).

Earlier this year, the chief secretary of Sindh instructed the Land Utilization Department and the Board of Revenue to check if there is enough state land for leasing and using it for corporate farming. To manage this, the Sindh government has issued a set of conditions under the Colonization of Government Lands Act 1912.

Sindh to Allot 52,000 Acres Of State Land For Corporate Farming

The Sindh government wants to make it easier and controlled when giving land to people. They made some rules under a law from a long time ago, the Colonization of Government Lands Act 1912.

These rules say that the government’s land will be rented out for 20 years through an open auction. The person or company who gets it can use it for things like farming, research, and taking care of animals.

The government will get 33% of the money made from this project.

The rules say that federal and provincial government groups can’t join the auction, but private companies can. In a meeting on December 1, the Sindh government talked about leasing the land to a private company connected to the Pakistan military.

This company is called Green Corporate Initiative Pvt. Ltd. and is mostly owned by the Pakistan army. They want to do farming with the government land.

The news people tried to contact the government for comments, but they didn’t get a response. The political party Awami Tehreek says giving land to law agencies is wrong, and it should go to poor farmers instead.

According to these conditions, the government-owned land will be leased through an open auction for 20 years. Individuals or companies can bid for purposes like agriculture research, farming, import substitution, and livestock research. The Sindh government will receive 33 percent of the profits from this project.

The conditions prevent federal and provincial government departments from taking part in the auction, but private companies can bid for the land. A recent Sindh cabinet meeting on December 1 discussed plans to lease the state land to a private company called Green Corporate Initiative Pvt Ltd.

This development in Sindh is similar to a corporate farming project happening in Punjab.

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