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Major Crackdown on 5 Unauthorized Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

“Stay informed on the latest actions against unauthorized housing schemes in Rawalpindi as the RDA cracks down on illegal developments. Get updates on demolitions and official RDA-approved housing schemes. Your go-to source for housing news in the region.”

Major Crackdown on 5 Unauthorized Housing Societies in Rawalpindi

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), along with the district administration and police, worked together to stop five housing schemes that were not allowed. The action happened on Thursday, and the housing schemes are named:

  1. Green Hawks (Hartus Floare Farm)
  2. Sighu Farm House on Chontra to Chak Beli Khan Road
  3. Al Khan Enclave
  4. Aurora Housing Scheme
  5. Wah Residencia in Taxila

During this big operation, the RDA team broke down offices, roads, electric poles, signs, and a security room. The task force is following orders from the Divisional Intelligence Committee to take action against these unauthorized housing schemes.

The Director General of RDA, Saif Anwar Jappa, said they will keep doing operations against all illegal societies without any bias, following the orders of Commissioner Rawalpindi. He mentioned that people complained about others taking land illegally for these housing schemes. He warned that strict action will be taken against those who do this.

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He also advised people to invest in housing schemes approved by RDA. Before the operation, notices were given to the owners and sponsors of these five illegal housing schemes.

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