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Luxembourg Work Visa Price In Pakistan 2024

If you plan to visit Luxembourg, you must obtain a Schengen Visa, and there are associated costs. Currently, Luxembourg has initiated its work visa application process for individuals from Pakistan. Companies entering the Luxembourg market are obligated to secure work visas for each of their foreign employees. For Pakistani students aspiring to study in Luxembourg, obtaining a Residence permit is essential. The option exists to apply for a Schengen visa, which is a short-term visa allowing a stay of up to 90 days within any 180 days. Specific details about the Luxembourg work visa cost in Pakistan can be obtained through the Luxembourg Embassy in Pakistan. Additionally, information regarding Luxembourg visa requirements and appointments in Pakistan is crucial for a smooth application process.

Luxembourg Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2024

The cost of a Luxembourg work visa in Pakistan for the year 2024 is 80 EUR. For those seeking a Luxembourg Student Visa, specific requirements apply to Pakistani nationals. When applying through a government entity, the processing time for your Luxembourg Schengen Visa application may extend over several days. For any inquiries or assistance, you can contact the Luxembourg Embassy in Pakistan via their provided contact number.

Luxembourg Visa Appointment Pakistan

This visa is tailored for students like you who are enthusiastic about commencing their study-abroad journey in Luxembourg. The Luxembourg Schengen visa grants access to 26 different countries, enabling you to move freely among any of the Schengen state countries once you have entered one of them. This flexibility enhances the opportunities for travel during your stay.

Visa Type Standard Visa
Validity of Passport 6 Months
Quantity of Photos 2
Size of Photos Passport Size
Processing Time 14-28 Days
Luxembourg Visa Fees in Pakistan 60 Euros (€)
Bank Statement 6 Months
Minimum Account Balance Required Your financial resources should be sufficient to cover your expenses. If you are traveling with your family, you should have enough funds to cover the expenses of your entire family.
Travel Insurance Amount 30,000 Euros (€)

Luxembourg Work Visa from Pakistan

The cost of a Luxembourg Work Visa in Pakistan can be both time-consuming and costly, especially for companies unfamiliar with Luxembourg’s laws and regulations. Payment methods may vary depending on individual circumstances, as Luxembourgish authorities offer options such as online payment, in-person payments at a visa application center in Pakistan, or bank transfers. The specific payment process can be influenced by the nature of the application and the preferences of the applicant or the sponsoring company. It’s essential to consider these factors to ensure a smooth and compliant visa application process.

What is the cost of the student visa in Luxembourg?

  • To initiate the application process for a Luxembourgish Residence permit, a fee of 80 EUR is required. The payment method can vary based on your circumstances; Luxembourgish authorities provide the option to pay this fee online, in person at a visa application center in Pakistan, or through a bank transfer.
  • Additionally, you will be responsible for covering the expenses related to your trip to China and the application fee for a long-stay visa (D), which amounts to 50 EUR.
  • Pakistani students need to obtain health insurance coverage as a prerequisite for the Luxembourgish visa application.

Luxembourg Work Visa Price in Pakistan 2023

Types of Work Visas in Luxembourg

Citizens of the European Union (EU), as well as residents of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, are exempt from the requirement of obtaining work permits to reside and work in Luxembourg. Conversely, individuals from third countries outside the EU must acquire both a work and residence permit in order to engage in lawful employment within your company in Luxembourg.

The various categories of Luxembourg work permits encompass:

  1. Short Stay (C) Visa: This short stay visa grants individuals the privilege of residing in the Schengen area for a continuous period of 90 days or in a cumulative manner, totaling 90 days within a 180-day span. Typically, this visa is utilized for purposes such as business trips, conferences, meetings, and family visits.
  2. Long Stay (D) Visas: Long stay visas are intended for foreign nationals desiring to stay in Luxembourg for over three months, whether it be for employment, educational pursuits, or permanent settlement. This category is commonly sought after by salaried workers, self-employed individuals, highly skilled employees, students, and au pairs.
  3. EU Blue Card: Third-country nationals aspiring to work as highly skilled professionals in Luxembourg for a duration exceeding three months can apply for the EU Blue Card. This particular type of visa necessitates a distinct application procedure and offers specific advantages and privileges.
Trip Price
Cheapest One-way Trip $203
Cheapest Round-Trip $497
Average Round Trip $626

Requirements for Obtaining Luxembourg Work Visas

The process for obtaining long-term visas in Luxembourg varies depending on the purpose of entry, whether it be for employment, education, or personal circumstances. Regardless of the reason, all applicants are required to personally submit their documents at the Luxembourg diplomatic or consular mission in either their home country or the Schengen area. Key requirements include:

  1. Two Recent and Identical Photos for Proof of Identity.
  2. A Valid Passport or Travel Document.
  3. Temporary Authorization to Stay.

Upon obtaining the “D” visa, it remains valid for a duration ranging from 90 days to one year. Additionally, applicants must remit a fee of 50 EUR to obtain the visa. Typically, this visa is affixed to the employee’s passport in the form of a stamp or vignette.

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