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Local Suffering as Onion Prices Skyrocket to Rs. 240 Per Kilogram

“Discover the latest updates on soaring onion prices in Pakistan. Learn about the impact on local communities, export challenges, and efforts to address the rising costs. Stay informed with our concise coverage.”

Local Suffering as Onion Prices Skyrocket to Rs. 240 Per Kilogram

People in the local areas are facing difficulties because the prices of onions have gone up a lot, reaching Rs. 240 per kilogram in the markets of our country.

In Pakistan, the prices unexpectedly increased to Rs. 160-180 from Rs. 120-140 last month. This happened because exporters bought a lot of onions when India said it wouldn’t export onions until March 2024. Since then, the prices have kept going up. Now, onions cost a lot more than other foods for the consumers.

Even though there are not many Iranian and Kabul onions available, exporters are still increasing their shipments to meet the high demand for onions from other countries.

India might allow onion exports again if the prices go down, but Pakistani exporters are trying hard to take advantage of this situation until India starts exporting onions again.

Local exporters might not send onions directly, but foreign buyers could get onions from Dubai and then send them to their countries.

In the meantime, the Balochistan onion crop is almost finished, and the country is depending on onions from different districts of Sindh. This is causing the prices to go up.

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Onions make up a big part of all vegetable exports. According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, vegetable exports went up to 64,285 tons in November 2023 from 49,842 tons the month before.

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