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Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa

The online application for the 2024 Lithuanian Work Visa for Pakistani nationals is now open. Please refer to this comprehensive guide for eligibility and requirements for the Lithuania Work Visa for Pakistan. In 2024, Lithuania will extend seasonal work visa opportunities to individuals from non-European Union countries across all sectors. If you are a non-European Union national, you qualify for a seasonal work visa in Lithuania, permitting a six-month stay while working. Familiarize yourself with the Lithuanian Work Visa Process for 2024 and explore the option for a more extended stay in Lithuania if you secure employment beforehand. In many cases, Lithuanian employers express their interest by applying for a work visa on your behalf. Additionally, the Lithuania Work Permit Visa Agent in Lithuania and Lithuania Work Permit Agency List can assist you in navigating the application process. Jobs in Lithuania with Visa Sponsorship are available, providing opportunities for qualified individuals. Lithuania Work Permit Apply Online to streamline the application process for your convenience.

Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa 2024 Online Apply

Despite its small size, Lithuania, being a European country, offers numerous employment opportunities to foreigners due to its low population. Unskilled Jobs in Lithuania with Visa Sponsorship are available, and the Lithuanian government provides an arrival allowance of EUR 3,444 to aid in your relocation. You can commence your work in Lithuania directly from your home country once you obtain a work visa. The Lithuania Work Visa Requirements are designed to facilitate this process. For foreigners seeking unskilled jobs in Lithuania, the process is straightforward – you simply need to apply online and await a job offer letter.

Jobs in Lithuania with Visa Sponsorship currently provides numerous job opportunities in Lithuania with visa sponsorship. Visit their website to access information about salaries, the visa application process, compare reviews, and easily submit your application for consideration. Don’t miss the chance to secure a job with visa sponsorship and kickstart your career in Lithuania.

Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa 2024

Title: Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa
Age Limit: Minimum 22 Years
Vacancies: Multiple
Get Visa: Click Here to Apply Online
Jobs Type: Residence/Part-Time

Lithuania Work Visa in 2024

It is crucial to understand which individuals require a work visa in Lithuania initially and the types of work visas available, as the prerequisites may vary depending on the nature of the work. Once an employer extends a job offer to you, they will proceed to apply for the corresponding work permit on your behalf.

Lithuania Jobs for Pakistani Work Visa

Lithuania Work Visa Process 2024, Requirements, Guidelines

To obtain a temporary residence permit, eligible candidates for an EU Blue Card must complete their application through the Lithuanian Migration Information System, known as MIGRIS. The EU Blue Card is typically valid for two years. Furthermore, to ascertain that your employment complies with the Labor Division’s standards, your employer might need to make an application to the territorial division of the Employment Service.

Lithuania Work Permit Types

It seems you’re interested in different types of work permits and visas for high-skilled workers in Europe, particularly for working in Lithuania. Here’s a brief overview of the specific visa and permit options you mentioned:

  1. **EU Blue Card**:

The EU Blue Card is a residence and work permit for highly skilled non-EU/EEA nationals. It is designed to attract highly qualified professionals to work and live in European Union member states. The requirements and application process can vary from country to country, but it generally involves having a job offer, a high level of education or professional experience, and meeting certain income thresholds.

  1. **Work Visa for Transfers within a Corporation**:

This type of visa is often associated with intra-company transfers. If a corporation has a presence in a European country, it may facilitate the transfer of employees from one branch to another. In many cases, this process involves obtaining a specific work permit that allows an employee to work in a different country within the same corporation.

  1. **Work Permit for Lithuania**:

Lithuania, like many other European countries, issues work permits to non-EU/EEA nationals who wish to work in the country. The specific requirements and application process for a Lithuanian work permit can depend on factors such as the type of job, the duration of employment, and the skills and qualifications of the applicant.

  1. **Temporary Employment Permit**:

A temporary employment permit is often required for non-EU/EEA nationals seeking short-term or seasonal employment in a European country. The specific terms and requirements for this permit can vary by country.

Detail of Work Visa Process 2024 in Lithuania

Job Location Lithuania
Visa Type National Long-Term Visa (D Visa)
Who can Apply Only Non-EU Nationals

Lithuania Work Visa Requirements

To obtain a Lithuania long-stay work visa, you must provide the following documents:

  1. A long-stay visa application form, which is typically available on the Migration Department website. Select the appropriate visa type when accessing the form.
  2. A mediation (invitation) letter, including details about the Lithuanian employer and the prospective employee.
  3. A valid passport with at least two blank pages for visa stamps.
  4. A work permit issued by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, which your Lithuanian employer must apply for on your behalf.
  5. Proof of sufficient means of subsistence is demonstrated through a bank statement illustrating your regular income.
  6. Health insurance is required before entering Lithuania. Afterward, you can enroll in the national compulsory health insurance system.
  7. A certificate verifying a clean criminal record, issued within the last three months.
  8. Proof of professional accreditation, demonstrating your qualifications for the job.

Ensure that all your documents are legalized and bear the apostille stamp before submission. Additionally, they must be written in Lithuanian or translated into Lithuanian.

Lithuania Work Visa Fees

The cost of a work visa, like any other long-stay visa, is €120. Although the visa application is submitted online, it is recommended to pay the visa fee at the Lithuanian embassy or consulate. Upon paying the fee, you will receive a receipt as proof of payment, which you should include with your visa application.

Duration of a Lithuania Work Visa

A long-stay visa is issued for a maximum duration of one year. You can extend it when applying for a temporary residence permit, provided your employer also applies for an extension of the work permit. You can renew the visa annually, and after five years, you become eligible for a permanent residence permit and Lithuanian citizenship.

Extending a Lithuania Work Visa

To prolong your stay, you must apply for an extension of the work permit. Your employer should initiate the application for the work permit extension one month before your permit’s expiration date. If your stay exceeds one year, you must apply for a temporary residence permit to continue residing in Lithuania.

Bringing Your Family Along

If you hold valid work and temporary residence permits, you can invite your family members to join you. To do so, they must apply for a family reunification visa, allowing them to stay with you for the duration of your valid permit.

Applying for a Lithuania Work Visa

To apply for a Lithuania work visa, you should follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Obtain the work permit: The work permit is issued by the Lithuania Labour Exchange. Your employer is responsible for applying for this permit on your behalf. You must provide your employer with several necessary documents before they can make an application to the Employment Services in Lithuania for the permit. It’s worth noting that this step may not be mandatory, depending on the specific type of work visa you are pursuing. Your employer and the Migration Department will inform you if it’s required.
  2. Locate the nearest Lithuanian embassy or consulate: Before applying for a temporary residence permit, you must initiate the work visa application process at the embassy or consulate nearest to your home country.
  3. Fill out the application form for a national visa: The application form is accessible online on the Migration Department’s website. Be sure to specify the type of visa you are seeking in your application.
  4. Gather all the required documents: These requirements typically include a valid passport, a recent photograph, and proof of valid health insurance, among others.
  5. Attend the appointment: Submit all your documents when you visit the embassy or consulate for your appointment.
  6. Wait for a response: The processing times for your application generally take approximately fourteen days.

How can I obtain a Lithuanian work visa from Pakistan?

Requirements for a Lithuania Work Visa:

  1. A long-stay visa application form.
  2. A letter of invitation or mediation.
  3. A valid passport.
  4. A work permit was issued by the Lithuanian Labour Exchange.
  5. Adequate financial resources.
  6. Health insurance.
  7. Evidence of a clean criminal record.
  8. Proof of professional accreditation.

What is the salary in Lithuania work permit?

The salary for a Lithuanian work permit varies depending on the circumstances. If you are employing a highly skilled worker with a gross salary exceeding 2,500 EUR, a simplified procedure can be used to issue a Lithuanian work permit, and it will be valid for 3 years. It’s important to note that the foreign employee is authorized to work solely at the specified place of employment as indicated on the work permit.

Which jobs are in demand in Lithuania?

As of the current listings, there are various jobs in demand in Lithuania, including:

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Compliance Monitoring Manager (CAMO)
  3. Invoice Controller
  4. Mid/Senior Copywriter
  5. Junior Graphic Designer (Remote Internship – Graphic Design)
  6. Junior Legal Officer
  7. Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  8. Creative Director

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