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Launch of 18th Karachi Int’l Book Fair at Expo Center!

Explore the highlights of the 18th International Book Fair in Karachi, featuring 330 stalls and insights from the opening ceremony by caretaker Chief Minister Sindh, Justice (Rtd) Maqbool Baqir. Discover discussions on the importance of books, challenges in the publishing industry, and efforts to promote a reading culture in Pakistan.

Launch of 18th Karachi Int'l Book Fair at Expo Center!

The 18th International Book Fair started at Expo Center Karachi. It’s organized by the Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association and is open to everyone.

The fair will last for five days, with 330 book stalls. Many people came on the first day. The opening ceremony was done by the caretaker Chief Minister Sindh, Justice (Rtd) Maqbool Baqir.

At the ceremony, Justice (Rtd) Maqbool Baqir talked about how important books are for a society to develop. He was happy to see children reading at the stalls. He promised to talk to the federal government about the taxes on imported paper and books.

He also mentioned the removal of the Chairman of the Sindh Textbook Board and said it’s not legal to transfer universities from the Chief Minister to the Governor of Sindh.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Publishers and Booksellers Association, Aziz Khalid, spoke to the media. He said that because of the increase in the value of the dollar, there are high taxes on paper and books in the new import policy. Local manufacturers can’t meet the demand, making textbooks expensive. Aziz Khalid asked the Sindh Chief Minister to talk to the federal government about this issue.

He added that the fair is to promote a culture of books and libraries in Pakistan. Private schools are helping by establishing libraries and book corners. Many writers were invited to appreciate their efforts.

MQM leader Faisal Sabzwari spoke about the lack of reading culture. He criticized those who praised the Taliban government in Afghanistan and suggested improving our own situation instead.

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The convener of the book fair, Waqar Mateen, thanked the guests, and awards were given to notable individuals at the event.

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