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Latest NADRA Smart ID Card Renewal Fees as of December 2023

“Discover the hassle-free process of renewing your NADRA Smart National Identity Card online or at a nearby registration center. Stay updated on the latest fees and follow simple steps for a smooth renewal experience. Your renewed ID card, delivered to your doorstep for convenience. Explore now!”

Latest NADRA Smart ID Card Renewal Fees as of December 2023

In Pakistan, people get a special card called the National Identity Card (NIC) from an organization called the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA). This card is made using advanced technology and specific rules to make sure it’s real and valid. The card has a unique 13-digit number that is known all over the country.

Everyone in Pakistan who is 18 years or older can get an NIC, and it’s important because you need it for things like getting a driver’s license, tax number (NTN), opening a bank account, getting a passport, and getting a cell phone connection.

If you have an NIC, you have to renew it when it expires. There are fees for renewing the card, and you have to follow the rules for that.

NADRA ID card Renewal Fees in December 2023

The standard fee for renewing a smart computerized national identity card is Rs750, with an additional charge of Rs1,500 for urgent services and Rs2,500 for executive services.

How to Request ID card Renewal

To renew your NIC, you have two options: visit a NADRA Registration Center (NRC) or use the Pak Identity website.

At NADRA Registration Center (NRC):

  1. Visit the nearest NADRA Registration Center.
  2. Follow these steps at the NRC:
  • Receive a token.
  • Have your photograph taken.
  • Provide fingerprints and a signature.
  • Enter the required data, and your form will be printed for your review.
  • Receive a printed version of your application form.
  • Confirm the printed information and have the form attested by a gazetted officer.
  • Submit the form.

Using Pak Identity Website:

Apply for your Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) by visiting the Pak Identity website, and the card will be delivered to your doorstep. Note that you cannot apply for a new CNIC through the website.

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