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Latest Islamabad Driving License Renewal Fees as of December 2023

Renew your driving license hassle-free in Islamabad with the Islamabad Traffic Police. Book an appointment or walk in, follow a simple process, submit the required documents, and pay the renewal fee.

Latest Islamabad Driving License Renewal Fees as of December 2023

In Pakistan, it’s not allowed to drive a car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle without a valid driving license, even in the capital city of Islamabad.

If you’re caught driving without a license or with an expired one, you could get into trouble. Citizens need to renew their licenses on time to avoid problems.

The Islamabad Traffic Police have a simple process for renewing car and motorcycle licenses if it’s done within three years of the expiration date. If it’s after three years, the applicant has to go through a theory and driving test.

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Here’s how you can renew your driving license in Islamabad:

  1. Book an Appointment:
  • You can book an appointment online with the traffic police or go for the walk-in system.
  1. Walk-In Process:
  • Visit the Islamabad Traffic Police office.
  • Show your original CNIC card at the reception to get a token.
  • Undergo biometric verification and photo capturing.
  • Wait for your turn, then go to the counter and fill out the given form.
  • Attach the required documents to the form and submit it.
  • Pay the license renewal fee.
  • Receive a confirmation slip with the date for collecting your renewed license.

Documents Required for License Renewal:

  1. Form-B or medical report
  2. Two passport-sized photographs
  3. Two copies of your CNIC
  4. Original driving license

Islamabad Driving License Renewal Fee (as of December 22, 2023):

  • Within one year of expiry: Rs1,149 (including Nadra verification fee)
  • One to three years after expiry: Rs1,949
  • After three years of expiry: The applicant needs to take driving and theory tests and pay a fee of Rs4,649.

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