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Lahore Encounter: Two Robbers Slain, One Officer Martyred, Another Injured

Tragedy struck in Lahore’s Baghbanpura area as a routine encounter with suspected dacoits turned deadly, resulting in the loss of lives and injuries. In the intense exchange of gunfire, two dacoits met their demise while a civilian driver tragically lost his life and another sustained injuries.

 Two Robbers Slain, One Officer Martyred, Another Injured

The confrontation unfolded when vigilant police attempted to halt a suspicious motorcyclist in Baghbanpura. Ignoring commands to stop, the dacoits unleashed a barrage of gunfire, sparking a chaotic confrontation. In the ensuing turmoil, two dacoits were fatally wounded, though their identities remain undisclosed.

Regrettably, the bravery of law enforcement came at a heavy cost as Constable Imran Haider sacrificed his life in the line of duty, while Constable Dilawar sustained injuries and was promptly transported to a medical facility for urgent treatment. The valor exhibited by these officers underscores the profound risks they undertake to uphold the rule of law and ensure public safety.

Upon receiving reports of the tragic incident, DIG Operations Syed Ali Naseer Rizvi and SP Cantonment Owais Shehri swiftly arrived at the scene to oversee operations and gather crucial details. Expressing their condolences and solidarity with the law enforcement fraternity, they emphasized the noble sacrifice made by officers like Constable Imran Haider, who courageously lay down their lives to protect the community.

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As the investigation into the encounter continues, authorities remain steadfast in their commitment to maintaining peace and security in the region. The valor displayed by the fallen constable serves as a poignant reminder of the profound sacrifices made by law enforcement personnel in the relentless pursuit of justice and safety for all citizens.

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