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Kuwait Expected to Introduce Family Visa in the Coming Year

Explore the upcoming possibilities as Kuwait plans to introduce a family visa in the coming year, providing new opportunities for expatriates to bring their loved ones. Stay updated on the latest developments in Kuwait’s immigration policies.

Kuwait Expected to Introduce Family Visa in the Coming Year

The Ministry of Interior is thinking about letting people apply for Article 22 visas (for family or dependents) from early 2024.

These visas are for specific groups of people from other countries, like doctors, university professors, applied education professors, and counselors, who want to bring their families.

But, this opportunity is only for certain types of expatriates, such as doctors, university and applied education professors, counselors, and others.

We don’t know the exact rules yet because the ministry will create a committee to decide who can bring their families and under what conditions.

This decision supports the plan by the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, to manage the population.

In another update, information has been shared about a new visa system for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

If visitors stay in the country after their visa ends, they will have to pay a fine of KD100 per day.

People who overstay their visas will be fined KD100 each day, and they must have health insurance and book a hotel for their entire stay.

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These rules also require visitors to have health insurance and a hotel reservation for the entire time they stay in the country.

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