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KP Initiates Textbook Reduction and Offers Pre-owned Books to Half of Students

Discover the latest updates on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s education system, where financial constraints lead to changes in textbooks. Learn how the government plans to save over Rs. 3 billion and the challenges affecting timely book delivery. Stay informed with our concise summary.

KP Initiates Textbook Reduction and Offers Pre-owned Books to Half of Students

The government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa doesn’t have enough money, so they are making changes to school textbooks. Half of the students will get used books to save money. The government wants to save more than Rs. 3 billion with this decision. They blame the previous government for not giving enough money to print books in the last three years.

The cost to print books for the next school year was estimated to be more than PKR 8 billion, but now it will be around PKR 5.247 billion. According to official documents, students in grades 6-12 will get used books, saving the government PKR 1.8 billion. Grades 4-5 will use 20% of the old books, saving Rs. 334 million. The government also plans to save PKR 1.11 billion by making the textbooks smaller for nursery to grade 12.

Some education officials say that making the books smaller goes against the national curriculum standards. The textbook board officials say that private companies printed books for Rs. 10 billion last year, but the government paid them slowly. The government still owes Rs. 2 billion to the publishers. Because of this, printers are not interested in bidding for the next year’s book printing.

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The textbook board asked for bids in October last year, but no printers applied because they are worried the government wouldn’t pay them on time. Even though they extended the date multiple times, no one was interested. Officials are worried that students might lose two months of learning because of a delay in getting the books for the next school year.

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