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Kickstart Lands Rs. 200 Million Investment to Fuel Expansion Plans

“Discover the latest success story of Kickstart, a Pakistani co-working space, raising Rs. 200 million for expansive growth in central Karachi. Join the flexible workspace revolution, offering premium amenities and collaborative environments for modern businesses. Your gateway to innovative workspaces and increased rental yields in Pakistan’s commercial real estate.”

Kickstart Lands Rs. 200 Million Investment to Fuel Expansion Plans

A company in Pakistan called Kickstart has received Rs. 200 million from Vital Group. This money will help Kickstart grow in the central part of Karachi. Kickstart plans to make its space in Karachi bigger by doubling it to more than 80,000 sq ft. The company started in 2016 and is known for providing shared workspaces in Pakistan. The founders, Saad Riaz, Khawaja Raza, and Hassan Shahid, graduated from LUMS.

Currently, Kickstart runs 12 locations in Pakistan and has over 3,000 members. After the expansion, it will cover more than 200,000 sq ft. across 14 locations. Kickstart has a new way of doing business. They will now manage properties for landlords and share the revenue with them. Khwaja Raza, one of the founders, said that this model can help property owners earn more money compared to the traditional way.

Kickstart helps modern companies manage their teams well by providing flexible workspaces. In downtown Karachi, where good office space is hard to find, Kickstart helps organizations offer their employees top-notch facilities without any problems.

The expanded workspaces by Kickstart will have private offices, open seating for freelancers, meeting rooms, recording studios, skill-building workshops, and places for cultural events. This expansion is happening at a time when coworking spaces are becoming popular globally.

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In India, coworking spaces have increased to 680,000 seats and 43.4 million sq. ft by June 2022. This is up from 471,782 seats and over 30 million sq. ft in 2019. The trend is expected to continue, and by 2025, it’s projected to reach 1,025,000 seats and 75 million sq. ft. In North America, the coworking market size was around $4.6 billion in 2023 and is expected to grow to $7.73 billion by 2028, with an annual growth rate of 11%.

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