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Kevin Spacey Cleared of All Nine Sexual Offence Charges in London Trial

A jury in London acquitted Kevin Spacey of sexual assault on Wednesday, following his star turn as a witness in his own defense. This verdict spared him from a potential prison term and brought hope of a career comeback after six years without a job. The Oscar-winning actor was found not guilty of nine sex offenses at London’s Southwark Crown Court. As the verdicts were read out, he couldn’t control his emotions and broke down in tears in the dock. Kevin Spacey Cleared of All Nine Sexual Offence Charges in London Trial.

After the trial, Kevin Spacey spoke with five of the jurors in the lobby of Southwark Crown Court before addressing a crowd of journalists and photographers outside the building. The American Beauty actor expressed his gratitude when the “not guilty” verdict was delivered, indicating that the allegations had left him without work for six years since they surfaced in 2017. It happened to be his 64th birthday.

Kevin Spacey Exonerated: All Nine Sexual Offence Charges Dismissed in London Trial

Throughout the trial, Spacey vehemently denied using his status as an A-lister to coerce people into bed and referred to the allegations as a “stab in the back.” He faced accusations from three men who claimed he aggressively grabbed their crotches, with the prosecutor describing this as his “preferred method of assault,” portraying him as a “vile” and “slippery, snaky” predator.

Kevin Spacey Cleared of All Nine Sexual Offence Charges in London Trial

After the ruling, a humbled Spacey addressed the media, admitting there was much for him to process after what had just happened. He expressed gratitude to the jury for carefully examining all the evidence and facts before reaching their decision.

Verdict: Kevin Spacey Cleared of Nine Sexual Offence Charges in London Court

Following the courtroom drama, Kevin Spacey was surrounded by cameras as he made his way to a waiting taxi. Some members of the public clapped and wished him a happy birthday, while one woman shouted, “We love you, Kevin.” Another accuser who testified during the trial claimed that Spacey had performed a sex act on him while he was asleep in the actor’s London flat.

Throughout the four-week trial, the prosecution painted Spacey as a “sexual bully” who aggressively groped three of the men and performed oral sex on the fourth while he was unconscious in Spacey’s London apartment. Despite the acquittal, the actor’s emotional journey during the trial and its aftermath remains evident.

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