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Karachi Traffic Police Hands Out a ‘Record’ 9,555 Tickets in a Single Day

Discover the latest update: Karachi Traffic Police set a new record by issuing 9,555 challans in just one day. Stay informed about the increased traffic fines and stringent measures in place for rule violators.

Karachi Traffic Police Hands Out a 'Record' 9,555 Tickets in a Single Day

In the city of Karachi, the traffic police have given a lot of tickets to people who broke the traffic rules in just one day. According to ARY News, the police say they issued a total of 9,555 tickets, and the total amount of money from these tickets is Rs6.87 million.

The head of the Traffic Police, DIG Iqbal Dara, explained that out of these tickets, 1,033 were given to people riding motorcycles without helmets. Another 1,200 tickets, adding up to Rs2.1 million, were given to drivers who are too young to drive.

Besides the tickets, the traffic police in Karachi also took away 1,105 motorcycles from young drivers. Breaking down the numbers, DIG Iqbal Dara mentioned that Rs2.5 million in fines were given to motorcycle riders, and over Rs0.7 million to drivers of small cars.

DIG Traffic emphasized that everyone must follow traffic rules, and no one is exempt from fines, not even police officials. He reminded everyone that in October, the traffic fines in Karachi were increased.

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Motorcyclists speeding can be fined Rs700, while car owners now have to pay Rs1,000. If a motorcyclist is caught driving on the wrong side, they could be fined Rs2,000, and car owners may face a Rs3,000 fine.

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