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Karachi: Rider of online food delivery company killed

Karachi: “Discover the latest news from Karachi: A food delivery rider tragically loses his life in a fatal incident. Stay informed about local events and their impact on the community.”

Karachi: Rider of online food delivery company killed

In North Nazimabad, Karachi, a very sad thing happened. A person who delivers food was working for a company. Some bad people tried to steal from him, and when he tried to stop them, they hurt him badly. The delivery person got shot in the chest, and the people who did it ran away.

This happened near the Matriculation Board office in Karachi. The police say the person who got hurt is named Arsalan. He was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital first and then to Jinnah Hospital, but he passed away on the way. Witnesses told the police that two robbers on a motorcycle took Arsalan’s things and shot him because he tried to stop them.

Arsalan was the second child in a family of five, and he lived in North Karachi, Sector 7D. He had been delivering food for an online service for the last one and a half years.

The police are not sure if this was just a regular robbery or something else, so they are looking into it more.

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This sad event adds to the worry about street crimes in Karachi. Criminals are doing violent things in public places, and this incident shows how delivery riders face challenges. It also brings attention to the bigger problem of street crimes, making it unsafe for people on busy streets and roads.

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