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Kajol Clarifies Remark on ‘Uneducated Political Leaders’ After Backlash

Actor Kajol has provided a clarification following the controversy caused by her comments suggesting that current political leaders lack an educational background. She stated that her intention was to emphasize the significance of education and the need to consider different perspectives. After receiving criticism, she released a statement addressing her comment.

Renowned for her roles in popular 1990s films like “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,” “Karan Arjun,” and “Gupt,” Kajol took to Twitter and expressed that she did not mean to belittle any politician with her views. Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Priyanka Chaturvedi criticized her statement on Twitter. During an interview while promoting her upcoming courtroom drama ‘The Trial,’ Kajol mentioned the presence of political leaders in the country who lack an educational background.

Kajol Clarifies Her Statement Regarding ‘Uneducated Political Leaders’ After Facing Backlash

She clarified that her intention was solely to highlight the importance of education. Kajol’s clarification post also faced negative reactions, and she was subjected to trolling. In her post, she wrote, “So, Kajol says we are governed by leaders who are uneducated and have no vision.” Kajol used her Twitter handle to clarify her intentions.

Kajol Clarifies Remark on 'Uneducated Political Leaders' After Backlash

Some of the comments questioned her educational qualifications and whether she is teaching her children about the value of education. Others suggested that individuals who haven’t completed their education should refrain from making such remarks. However, it was pointed out that the outrage stemmed from personal opinions rather than factual statements, and no specific individuals were named.

After Facing Criticism, Kajol Issues Explanation for her Remark about ‘Uneducated Political Leaders’

Kajol tweeted, “I was merely making a point about education and its importance. My intention was not to demean any political leaders. We have some great leaders who are guiding the country on the right path.” Kajol, recognized for her remarkable performances, recently appeared in the Netflix anthology Lust Stories 2.

She further expressed her intentions, stating that she did not mean to belittle any political leaders, as there are some exceptional leaders leading the country in the right direction. In a recent interview with an online media portal, she was asked about the persistence of certain ideas hindering progress for women despite advancements in the country. Additionally, she will be starring in the Disney+ Hotstar series, The Trial, alongside talented actors Sheeba Chaddha, Alyy Khan, and Kubbra Sait.

Kajol Responds to Outrage with a Clarification on her Comment about ‘Uneducated Political Leaders’

In a previous interview, the actress stated, “Change, especially in a country like India, is slow. It is very, very slow due to our deep-rooted traditions, thought processes, and, of course, education.” She highlighted the presence of political leaders without an educational background, further stating, “I’m sorry, but I must express this opinion.”

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