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Jemima Urges Urgent Ceasefire in Gaza

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Jemima Urges Urgent Ceasefire in Gaza

Jemima Goldsmith spoke out to support a stop to the fighting in Gaza because of the ongoing problems caused by Israel attacking and hurting innocent people.

Jemima compared the number of children who died in the Iraq war to those in the Gaza war. On a social media site called X, Jemima said that the number of children who died in Gaza is very high. In a tweet, she mentioned that in just one month in Gaza, more children have died than in the 14-year war in Iraq.

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It’s important to understand that over 18,200 Palestinians have lost their lives in the Israeli attacks on Gaza, and more than 49,000 have been hurt. Among those who lost their lives, over 8,000 were children. There are also thousands of people missing, and it’s worrying that they might be under the rubble.

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