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Japanese TV Personality Ryuchell Found Dead at Agency Office

The cause of death of the 27-year-old individual has not yet been confirmed, but the police are currently investigating the possibility of suicide. On Wednesday evening, Higa was discovered unconscious at a property in Shibuya, Tokyo, and was subsequently pronounced dead. Reports from Japanese media suggest that the cause of death is likely to be suicide. Hailing from Okinawa, a prefecture in southern Japan, Ryuchell worked as an amateur model following their graduation from high school, as stated on the agency’s website. Japanese TV Personality Ryuchell Found Dead at Agency Office.

Ryuchell was known as a TV personality, social media influencer, fashion model, and LGBTQ advocate. In August 2022, they announced their divorce after expressing that they no longer identified as male, which sparked significant online criticism. Born in Okinawa Prefecture in 1995, Higa relocated to Tokyo after completing high school and began working at clothing stores in the Harajuku neighborhood. During this time, they also pursued modeling and gained popularity as an influencer on Instagram.

Tragic News: Japanese TV Personality Ryuchell Discovered Deceased at Agency Office

Ryuchell achieved considerable fame through appearances on TV variety shows and amassed a following of over a million on social media. In 2016, they married fellow model Peco, and the couple gained popularity for their unique fashion sense and positive personalities. In an Instagram post, Ryuchell mentioned that they would still live with Peco and their son. The couple had a son in July 2018 but divorced in 2022 after Ryuchell expressed their change in gender identity.

Japanese TV Personality Ryuchell Found Dead at Agency Office

In February, Ryuchell appeared in a YouTube video alongside Peco, who defended their ex-husband and expressed support as they navigated their sexuality. In 2016, Higa married Tetsuko Okuhira, also known as Peco, a fellow Harajuku model and TV personality. They declared their intention to create “a new kind of family” and raise their son together. Ryuchell became an influential figure within the LGBT community in Japan and was well-known for their genderless fashion style.

Ryuchell, Prominent Japanese TV Personality, Found Dead at Agency Office

The couple garnered attention online due to their vibrant fashion choices and cheerful personalities, often appearing together on various TV programs during the latter half of the 2010s. Our deepest condolences go out to Ryuchell’s family and friends during this challenging time. As their fame grew, they became targets of numerous online harassment campaigns that mainly criticized their personal lives and gender non-conformity.

Higa gained recognition for popularizing the “genderless kei” fashion, which was described in 2016 on the prominent Harajuku fashion and culture site Tokyo Fashion as incorporating “male and female beauty techniques and fashion items to achieve an androgynous look.” Following their death, terms like “Ryuchell” and “character assassination” trended on Twitter in Japan, with many expressing shock and sadness.

Devastating Loss: Ryuchell, Renowned Japanese TV Personality, Found Lifeless at Agency Office

The site highlighted Higa as an inspirational figure for those interested in exploring the genderless kei style and stated that followers of genderless kei were rejecting traditional gender norms to establish a new standard of beauty. One user described Ryuchell as a beacon of light in a harsh world and emphasized that suicide could have been prevented. In 2022, Higa and Okuhira announced their divorce on Instagram, indicating their intention to create a “new kind of family” where they would continue to raise their child together.

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