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January 2024 Pricing for NADRA’s Smart ID Card Fees

Discover the enhanced efficiency of NADRA’s smart ID card renewal process with the latest Pak ID Mobile App. Streamlined applications, secure biometric verification, and cutting-edge technology symbolize NADRA’s commitment to providing residents with efficient and convenient identification services. Apply seamlessly from your mobile device now!

January 2024 Pricing for NADRA's Smart ID Card Fees

The National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has recently implemented an increase in the fees for the renewal of smart ID cards, marking a significant milestone in the progress of identification services. The NADRA smart card, equipped with an embedded chip for secure data logging, not only safeguards personal identification but also secures vital records through an additional layer of biometric verification.

To streamline and expedite the identity card application process, NADRA has introduced the ‘Pak ID Mobile App.’ This innovative application allows users to complete identity card applications conveniently on their mobile devices, eliminating the necessity for physical visits to NADRA offices. Through the ‘Pak ID Mobile App,’ users can effortlessly apply for CNICs and Family Registration Certificates, bypassing lengthy queues and waiting times.

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The current version of the software features a built-in document recognition system and contactless biometric verification. This enables users to submit documents, capture photos and fingerprints, and affix digital signatures, all from their mobile phones. NADRA’s utilization of cutting-edge technology not only expedites the application process but also signifies the agency’s dedication to providing residents with efficient services, demonstrating a commitment to progress.

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