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January 2024 Installment Options for Honda CG 125 with Meezan Bank

Discover the reliability and performance of the Honda CG-125, the go-to choice for Pakistani commuters. Explore installment plans with Bank Meezan for an affordable way to own this popular bike in 2024.

January 2024 Installment Options for Honda CG 125 with Meezan Bank

The Honda CG-125 is a popular choice for many people in Pakistan who need a reliable bike for daily commuting. This bike is known for its good fuel efficiency, strong performance, high resale value, and easy maintenance. It’s considered the top choice for Pakistani roads.

With its air-cooled engine and manual transmission featuring a standard gear shift pattern, the CG-125 is recognized for its durability and long lifespan, making it a preferred option in markets where reliability is crucial.

Despite the rising prices, the CG-125 continued to dominate the automotive market and had the highest sales in 2023. Honda is well-regarded for its quality construction, excellent aftermarket services, and powerful performance.

Updated Suzuki Mehran Prices in Pakistan as of January 2024

In 2023, Honda increased the prices of its bikes multiple times, creating a challenge for people looking to buy new bikes. As a result, many individuals are seeking convenient installment plans to make it easier to own a new Honda CG-125.

Honda CG 125 Installment Plans 2024

For 2024, various installment plans are available with Bank Meezan to help people cope with the high prices and still get their hands on a Honda CG-125.

12 Months Installment Plan

12 Months Installment Plan Honda CG 125

24 Months Installment Plan

24 Months Installment Plan

36 Months Installment Plan

36 Months Installment Plan

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