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Islamic Date Today in Pakistan – Today Hijri Date 2024

On March 01 , 2024, in Pakistan, the Islamic date is 20 Shaban 1445. The Islamic date, also known as the Hijri date, follows the lunar calendar and is crucial in the Muslim world. It is determined by the phases of the moon. For accurate and updated Hijri dates, you can check the current Islamic date today in Pakistan.

Islamic Date Today in Pakistan

Islamic Date in Pakistan Today The Islamic date in Pakistan is calculated based on the lunar calendar, comprising 12 lunar months in a year with either 354 or 355 days. Muslims need to be aware of the precise Islamic date, also known as “Chand ki date.”

Islamic Date Today in Pakistan

What is the current Islamic date in Pakistan?

As of today, the Islamic date in Pakistan is 20 Shaban 1445, corresponding to March 01, 2024. These dates are regularly updated based on the Hijri calendar of 1445 AH and the Gregorian Calendar of 2024. What Is Islamic Date Today, Islamic Calendar, Islamic Date Tomorrow In Pakistan, Chand Ki Date Today, Islamic Date Today Karachi, Islamic Date Today Lahore, Islamic Date Today Islamabad,

Today’s Islamic Date in Pakistan

Pakistan, being one of the most populous Muslim countries, prompts people to seek information about the accurate Islamic date. This knowledge enables them to prepare for significant events according to the Islamic calendar for the year 2024. It is noteworthy that the moon date, or “chand ki date,” changes after sunset.

What is the Islamic date tomorrow in Pakistan?

For those inquiring about the Islamic date tomorrow in Pakistan, it will be 21 Shaban 1445.

Today Date of Islamic Month.

The current Islamic month and date are as follows: 21 Shaban 1445.

Today Moon Date in Pakistan?

The moon date today, known as “qamri” or “Chand ki Tarikh” in Pakistan, is 21 Shaban 1445.

Islamic Date Today – Hijri Date 2024, Muslim Calendar 1445

Chand Ki Tarikh Today?

For various cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Gujranwala, Kotli, and others, the Arabic date for today is also available on this page.

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