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Islamabad Police’s ‘Knock the Door’ Campaign Enhances Safety Through Tenant Registration

Islamabad, 15-04-2024- In a proactive move towards bolstering community safety and crime prevention, Islamabad police have initiated a groundbreaking campaign titled “Knock the Door.” The campaign aims to register house workers and tenants across various neighborhoods in the capital city.

Islamabad Police's 'Knock the Door' Campaign Enhances Safety Through Tenant Registration

Led by officers from the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Islamabad, the registration drive commenced with a meticulous data collection effort. As per a police public relations officer, the CTD officers meticulously gathered information on 242 house servants residing within 520 houses situated in the Khanna and Bani Gala police station areas.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to fortify law and order within the capital by closely monitoring individuals who may pose potential threats. By compiling data on tenants and domestic workers, the police intend to mitigate the risk of criminal activities such as theft perpetrated by individuals masquerading as ordinary citizens.

Speaking on the significance of the ‘Knock the Door’ campaign, authorities emphasized the critical role of community involvement in maintaining a safe and secure environment. By fostering a culture of vigilance and cooperation, law enforcement aims to enhance public safety and prevent untoward incidents within residential areas.

This registration drive is just one facet of a broader strategy devised by Islamabad police to uphold security standards and combat criminal elements effectively. Through proactive measures like the ‘Knock the Door’ campaign, law enforcement agencies are striving to instill confidence among residents while simultaneously thwarting potential threats.

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As the campaign gains momentum, authorities encourage citizens to actively participate and support efforts aimed at fortifying community safety. Together, through collaborative endeavors, Islamabad envisions a future where every doorstep is shielded against the specter of crime.

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