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Islamabad High Court Summons Interior Secretary Over Social Media Platform Ban

In a notable turn of events surrounding the blockade of the Social Media Platform “X,” the Islamabad High Court has issued a summons for the Interior Secretary to appear personally following the conclusion of Eid festivities.

Islamabad High Court Summons Interior Secretary Over Social Media Platform Ban

The court convened in response to a petition filed by Ehtsham Abbasi seeking a review of the ban imposed on the aforementioned platform. During the hearing, the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court expressed dissatisfaction with the Interior Ministry’s report, prompting further scrutiny.

The Chief Justice raised concerns about the quality and credibility of the information presented, emphasizing the need for concrete evidence rather than verbal assurances. The court summoned the Joint Secretary of the Interior Ministry to provide clarification on the matter, particularly regarding national security implications associated with the platform.

Amidst the proceedings, the Chief Justice questioned the methodology behind compiling the report and criticized the reliance on security agency reports without supplementary reasoning. The Interior Ministry defended the platform’s closure, citing content deemed detrimental to national security.

However, the Chief Justice insisted on substantive arguments to justify the ban and stressed the importance of judicial review in such matters. Consequently, the Interior Secretary has been summoned to provide further clarification, delaying further deliberations on the issue until April 17th.

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The developments in this case highlight the ongoing debate over freedom of expression versus national security concerns in the digital realm. The outcome of this legal battle could have significant implications for the future regulation of social media platforms in the country.

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