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Is there another extension to winter holidays in Punjab?

In Lahore, the leader of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, declared that young children in nursery and prep classes will have extra days off until January 19, 2024, due to very cold weather. This choice was made after 36 kids in Punjab passed away from pneumonia in the first ten days of January.


Initially, there were talks about extending the winter break for all classes until January 15 because of the severe weather. However, the latest information makes it clear that only nursery and prep students will have a longer break until January 19. Until January 31, schools in Punjab are not allowed to have assemblies.

The Punjab government will soon release an official notice about the extended winter break for nursery and prep students. Naqvi suggested that if a child is sick with a cough, fever, or throat problems, it’s best to keep them at home and not send them to school.

Contrary to rumors, Naqvi denied extending the winter break for grades 1 to 10 until January 14, saying that as long as students are dressed warmly, attending school should not be a problem. However, on social media, some people criticized the decision of the Punjab government’s School Education Department to reopen schools and colleges on January 10, 2024.

Latest News About School Holidays In Punjab 2024 Extended

Weather experts predict that winter in Lahore and other cities in the province will be longer this year compared to last year. There is no rain expected in the city for the next three days, and the cold is expected to intensify until the sun’s rays touch the ground.