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Iraq Work Visa Fee For Pakistan Price

The cost of a work visa for Pakistanis going to Iraq in 2023 is $40 for a single entry. The Interior Minister of Pakistan, Rana Sanaullah, recently visited Iraq for four days, responding to a special invitation from the Iraqi Interior Minister, Abdul Amir Al-Sabri, as mentioned by Samaa News. If someone wants a visa for multiple entries, the fee is $100, and there is a choice to speed up the application process for an additional cost.

Iraq Work Visa Fee For Pakistan Price 2024 Online Apply

The main purpose of the visit was to strengthen diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Iraq and promote cooperation in different areas. It’s important to mention that the visa fee might change from time to time. For details on the processing time of Iraq work visas, please check the relevant information for 2024.

Iraq Work Visa Fee For Pakistan Price 2024

This visa allows a person to live in another country legally while they work there. Iraq has faced ongoing conflicts in the past few decades, and although the war is officially over, the security situation is still too unstable for casual travel to be considered safe. Check the current Iraq visa price for more information.

Iraq Ziarat Visa For Pakistani 2024 Price

Title: Iraq Work Visa Fee For Pakistan Price
Visa Type: Business Visa/ Employment Visa
Vacancies: Multiple
Visa Fee: $40 for Single Entry

$100 for Multiple Entries

Get Visa: Iraq Work Visa Apply Online
Air Ticket Price: Starting From PKR 125482.35
Jobs Type: Residence/Part-Time

Fee & Processing Time for Iraqi Visas

The Iraq visa usually takes a maximum of 10 days to process. The regular cost for Pakistani citizens is $119, applicable when the processing time is between 4 to 9 days. If you opt for expedited processing, which usually takes one to three days, the cost increases to $199.

Iraq Work Visa Fee For Pakistan Price

Work Permit In Iraq – A Complete Guide

During the trip, Minister Rana held discussions with Iraq’s Prime Minister (PM), Mohammad Shia al-Sudani, to explore potential opportunities for collaboration. Detailed information about Iraqi visa fees is now available, covering various categories such as work visas, study visas, visit visas, family travel visas, settlement visas, transit visas, permanent residence in Iraq, temporary residence in Iraq, and professional visa fees.

Iraq Work Visa Requirements

When applying for a work visa in a foreign country, specific document prerequisites are essential, and these requirements may vary depending on one’s nationality. For instance, the Iraq work visa criteria for Indian citizens differ from those applicable to Pakistani citizens.

Here is a comprehensive list of the necessary documents for an Iraq work visa:

  1. Completed Iraq visa application form.
  2. Passport with a minimum validity of six months from the date of intended entry into Iraq.
  3. Two passport-sized photos.
  4. An official employment contract.
  5. Payment of Iraq work visa fees.

Iraq Work Visa Application Process

The application process may appear somewhat intricate. Initially, it is the employer’s responsibility to initiate the issuance of work permits for foreign employees in Iraq. Subsequently, foreign workers should obtain an official employment letter from Iraqi authorities or relevant Ministries. The Iraq work visa application process unfolds as follows:

  1. The employer must extend an employment offer to the prospective employee.
  2. The employer is also required to correspond with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, formally requesting the hiring of a foreign employee. This communication should include comprehensive information about the employee, such as their nationality, address, job type, and employment duration.
  3. The correspondence must encompass all the requisite documents in compliance with Iraq’s work visa requirements.
  4. The Labor and Vocational Training department will scrutinize the legal prerequisites and subsequently issue an entry visa for the country.
  5. Within seven days of arrival in Iraq, the foreign employee must visit the Department of Labor and Vocational Training to finalize the procedures for acquiring the work permit. Employees can apply for both residence and work permits at this stage.

It is imperative for both the employer and employee to have the necessary paperwork to secure a work permit. If the employer has an established presence in Iraq, obtaining work permits for their employees can be challenging. Hence, the accuracy and currency of the documents are of utmost importance. Before proceeding with the work visa application for the employee, it is advisable to thoroughly review their paperwork. Following this, the employee’s entry visa can be sought at the Iraqi Embassy in their country of residence.

Once the employee enters the country, the immigration department and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq will assess the visa and associated documents.

Visa Fees for Iraq: Permanent and Temporary Residency

You can access the online pricing details for Iraqi permanent residency visas, temporary residency visas, student visas, professional visas, and transit visas.

Official Iraq Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan

The Iraqi Embassy in Islamabad is a valuable resource for information related to your inquiries. You may seek answers to your questions and obtain accurate information from the diplomatic office regarding your specific needs and requirements. We are here to assist as well.

Iraqi Ziarat Visa for Pakistani Citizens in 2024

The Prime Minister of Iraq has made a significant decision to waive visa fees for Pakistani pilgrims, marking a noteworthy development during their visit. This means that Pakistani travelers heading to Iraq for religious purposes will not be required to pay a visa fee.

Iraq Work Visa Types

  1. Business Visa:
  • A business visa is typically issued to foreign nationals who intend to visit Iraq for business-related activities, such as meetings, conferences, negotiations, and exploring business opportunities.
  • This type of visa is suitable for individuals who are not seeking employment in Iraq but wish to engage in business activities, establish business connections, or explore potential business partnerships in the country.
  • The specific requirements for a business visa to Iraq may vary based on your nationality and the Iraqi government’s visa policies. It is advisable to contact the nearest Iraqi embassy or consulate for up-to-date information on the application process and requirements.
  1. Iraq Employment Visa:
  • An employment visa, on the other hand, is designed for foreign nationals who have secured employment or job offers in Iraq. This type of visa is necessary for individuals who plan to work and be employed in Iraq.
  • To obtain an employment visa, you typically need to have a valid job offer from an Iraqi employer, and the employer should assist you in the application process. The specific requirements and procedures may vary depending on the type of employment, your nationality, and Iraqi immigration rules.
  • Employment visas often come with additional requirements, such as work permits and approvals from the Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Commonly Iran Visa

  1. Iran Work Visa: This type of visa is issued to foreigners who plan to work in Iran. It usually requires sponsorship from an Iranian employer or organization.
  2. Iran Business Visa: Business visas are typically issued to foreigners who intend to engage in business activities in Iran, such as meetings, negotiations, or market research. They often require an invitation from an Iranian business entity.
  3. Iran Study Visa: For individuals planning to pursue educational or academic activities in Iran, such as students or researchers. You will typically need an acceptance letter from an Iranian educational institution.
  4. Iran Visitor Visa: This is a general tourist visa for people who want to visit Iran for tourism purposes. It’s usually valid for a limited period and may require a travel itinerary.
  5. Iran Family Visa: If you have close family members who are Iranian citizens, you may be eligible for a family reunion visa to visit and stay with your family in Iran.
  6. Iran Settlement Visa: This type of visa is for individuals who wish to reside in Iran on a long-term or permanent basis. It often involves a more complex application process and may require specific qualifications or investments.
  7. Iran Transit Visa: Transit visas are for travelers who have a connecting flight to an Iranian airport and need to pass through Iran. They are typically valid for a short period, allowing you to stay in the transit area of the airport.
  8. Iran Permanent Residence Visa: Iran offers a Permanent Residence Program, allowing foreign investors and individuals with certain qualifications to obtain permanent residence in the country. The requirements for this visa category can be complex.
  9. Iran Temporary Residence Visa: Temporary residence visas are issued for foreign nationals who intend to live in Iran for an extended period but not permanently. These visas are often provided to expatriates working in Iran or retirees.
  10. Iran Professional Visa: This visa category may be available for individuals with specific professional qualifications or skills, such as doctors, engineers, or experts in various fields. It typically requires documentation of your professional credentials.

How to Apply for an Iraq Visa?

To apply for an Iraq Visa, one must visit one of Iraq’s Embassies or Consulates. The application process may vary depending on the specific country, so it is recommended to contact the nearest office for guidance.

A list of Iraq’s diplomatic mission offices can be found here.

According to Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, applicants can apply for one of the following Iraqi visas:

  1. Iraq Tourist Visa: This visa allows the holder to stay in Iraq for up to 30 days and can be utilized within three months of issuance.
  2. Iraq Visit Visa: Intended for those seeking to travel for religious purposes or to visit holy sites, this visa permits a 30-day stay.
  3. Iraq Visa for businesspeople, investors, public figures, or political figures: Valid for a 30-day visit.
  4. Iraq Normal Visa: This visa grants a three-month stay in Iraq, and after entering the country, the holder must register with the Iraqi Directorate of Residence within ten days.
  5. Iraq Transit Visa: Designed for transiting through Iran, this visa offers a seven-day validity period.

New Zealand Work Visa For Pakistani

Contact Number and Address for Work Visa

The Republic of Iraq’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Department inspects the employee’s visa and any pertinent paperwork when they arrive in the nation.

Address: Embassy of Iraq, Street 33, Ramna 4 Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
Phone: 51 260 0432 / 0
Iraq Visa Official Website:

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