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iPhone 14 Customs Duty and PTA Tax in Pakistan – January 2024

Discover innovation with the iPhone 14 – Apple’s latest device boasting top-notch features like advanced cameras, resale value, and the powerful A15 chip. Despite its higher price, many users find it a worthwhile investment. Explore the future of technology with Apple, where quality meets innovation.

iPhone 14 Customs Duty and PTA Tax in Pakistan - January 2024

Apple devices are famous for working well, having good hardware, and being expensive. The iPhone 14 is not cheap compared to other phones in its generation.

Apple makes its hardware and software. They set the price higher than other brands because of the cost of materials, manufacturing, research and development, marketing, and the Apple brand itself.

Every year, the big tech company releases a new series of iPhones. The newest one, the iPhone 15, is getting a lot of attention. Even though iPhones are expensive, many people are still okay with buying the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 2024 PTA Tax Rates:

Models Tax on Passport Tax on CNIC
iPhone 14 Rs107,325 Rs130,708
iPhone 14 PLUS Rs113,075 Rs137,000
iPhone 14 Pro Rs122,275 Rs147,150
iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs131,130 Rs156,900

iPhone 14 Price in Pakistan – January 2024 (PTA Approved):

Models Price
iPhone 14 128GB Rs410,000
iPhone 14 Pro 128GB Rs505,000
iPhone 14 Pro 256GB Rs550,000
iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB Rs560,000
iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB Rs599,000

Apple devices show a future of innovation. They are better than other devices in terms of cameras, resale value, build quality, and other features. The iPhone 14 was released in 2022 and has top features that make it a good investment for users. It has an A15 chip, which helps it perform better without getting too hot.

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In Pakistan, Apple devices have a high price because the government puts heavy taxes on them.

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