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Insufficient Sleep Linked to Anxiety and Depression, According to Research

Montana: Explore the link between serious sleep problems and mental health risks revealed in a 50-year data study. Cara Palma, from Montana State University, highlights how lack of sleep impacts emotional intelligence, increasing the likelihood of anxiety and depression. Discover insights from the analysis of 154 studies involving 5,700 people, emphasizing the importance of addressing sleep issues for overall mental well-being.

Insufficient Sleep Linked to Anxiety and Depression, According to Research

A study using data from 50 years has found that people with serious sleep problems are more likely to experience depression and anxiety.

Cara Palma, the main author of the study and director of the Sleep and Development Lab at Montana State University in Bozeman, USA, said that lack of sleep weakens emotional intelligence and increases the risk of anxiety and depression, according to media reports. It also hurts positive emotions such as happiness and satisfaction.

For the study, Cara Palma and her team analyzed data from 154 studies involving over 5,700 people. They found that assessing sleep problems and their impact on emotions is crucial for promoting mental health in a society with sleep disorders.

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The researchers suggested that future studies should try to learn more about how lack of sleep affects people of different ages. It is also important to understand why lack of sleep affects some people more than others.

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