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Imran Khan Article the Economist

“Explore Imran Khan’s letter addressing political turmoil in Pakistan. From election challenges to accusations of injustice, delve into the struggle for democracy and political stability. Discover the complexities shaping the nation’s future in this insightful essay.”

Imran Khan Article the Economist

Imran Khan’s Letter from Adiala Jail Published as Guest Essay in “The Economist.”

Today, in Pakistan, temporary governments are in charge both at the national and provincial levels. These administrations are against the constitution because elections were not held within 90 days of dissolving parliamentary assemblies.

People are hearing that elections might happen on February 8th. However, considering the denial of elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces over the past year, despite a Supreme Court order, there’s skepticism about the national vote taking place.

The country’s election commission has acted strangely. It defied the top court, rejected my party’s candidate nominations, obstructed internal elections, and filed contempt cases against me and other party leaders for criticizing the commission.

Regardless of whether elections happen or not, since a no-confidence vote in April 2022, my party and I have been targeted. The establishment – the army, security agencies, and civil bureaucracy – is not willing to provide a fair playing field for PTI.

The establishment removed us from power due to pressure from the United States, unhappy with my independent foreign policy stance and refusal to provide bases for its armed forces. The decision was influenced by losses suffered by Pakistan in collaborating with America’s “war on terror,” including the loss of 80,000 lives.

In March 2022, an official from the US State Department met Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington, DC. The message was to end my prime ministership through a vote of no confidence, or else. Our government was toppled within weeks, orchestrated by Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff, General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

Protests erupted, and PTI won 28 out of 37 by-elections, sending a message about public support. The succeeding administration damaged the economy, causing inflation and currency devaluation. In contrast, the PTI government had steered the economy to growth and received international praise for handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite this, the establishment prevented my return to power, using various means, including assassination attempts. Many PTI members were abducted, tortured, and pressured to leave. The current government intimidates female PTI leaders to discourage women from participating in politics.

I face numerous legal cases without a fair trial. A false-flag operation in May 2023 led to arrests, abductions, and charges. PTI remains popular, but the election commission tries to deny the party’s right to contest elections through unlawful means.


 Imran-Khan-Article-the-EconomistFormer Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, with a corruption conviction, returned, and a court overturned the conviction. I believe he struck a deal with the establishment for support in upcoming elections. Despite this, the public remains supportive of PTI.

Elections may be held on February 8th, but PTI is not allowed to campaign freely. I am incarcerated on absurd charges, and PTI faces obstacles in organizing local worker conventions. A fair and free election is essential for political stability, the rule of law, and much-needed reforms.

Unfortunately, with democracy under threat, Pakistan is moving in the opposite direction, leading to more instability and economic challenges.

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