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Imran Khan Appears in Court for Alleged Unlawful Marriage

“Follow the legal developments as Imran Khan faces court proceedings in the case involving an alleged illegal marriage, providing insights into the ongoing legal scrutiny.”

Imran Khan Appears in Court for Alleged Unlawful Marriage

In Islamabad, Imran Khan, who used to be the head of PTI, has been asked to go to court for a case about a marriage that is not allowed by the law.

The District and Sessions Court in Islamabad told Imran Khan to come to the next court session regarding the case about the illegal marriage involving him and Bushra Bibi.

The Senior Civil Judge Qudratullah made a one-page written order for the hearing. In this order, Bushra Bibi’s request to not come to court for one day was accepted. But to make sure she will come later, she needs to give security bonds of Rs 50,000.

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The order also said that Imran Khan was in Adiala Jail. He couldn’t attend the hearing through Skype because of technical problems. The person in charge of the jail should make sure that Imran Khan is present at the next court session. All the necessary papers about the complaint and other things have been given to the people involved. The next court meeting about this case will happen on December 18.

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