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How to Apply online for learner driving license in Punjab

Discover the seamless process of applying for a learner’s driving license in Punjab with our step-by-step online application guide. Get started today! Online Application Guide for Obtaining. How to Apply online for learner driving license in Punjab.

 Online Application Guide for Obtaining a Learner Driving License in Punjab

The Punjab government has made it easier for people to get a learner driving license. They created a new online system for the whole province. This helps citizens because before, there were too many people at the offices where they gave licenses.

How to Apply Online For a Learner Driving License

How to Apply Online For Learner Driving License

The decision to make the online system happened because the Chief Minister, Mohsin Naqvi, saw that many people were having problems with the old system. He went to different offices in Lahore and heard complaints about issues with the network and the process being too slow. Online Application Guide for Obtaining.

Getting a Learner Driving License is easy! Follow these steps at any PKM:

Required Documents:

  1. Bring your original CNIC and a copy.
  2. Get the Traffic Rules & Regulation Code Book from the Traffic Police Office.
  3. If you’re 50 or older, bring a Medical Certificate.

To apply online for a learner driving license, visit and follow the steps.

Age Limits for Learner Permit:

  • Motorcycle/Car: 18 Years
  • LTV (Rikshaw, Taxi, Tractor Commercial): 21 Years


  • Learner permits are issued daily and are valid for 6 months.

Processing Fee:

  • Buy a ticket for Rs. 60 from any Post Office.

Turn Around Time:

  • It only takes about 15 minutes for on-the-spot delivery!

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