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Honoring Parveen Shakir on Her 29th Memorial Day

“Explore the timeless poetry of Parveen Shakir, Pakistan’s iconic poet, on the 29th anniversary of her passing. Join us in celebrating her literary legacy and indomitable spirit. Discover her renowned works, including Sad-barg and Khud Kalami, as we pay tribute to this literary luminary.”

Honoring Parveen Shakir on Her 29th Memorial Day

The Parveen Shakir Trust remembered the 29th anniversary of the death of Pakistan’s famous poet, Parveen Shakir, on Tuesday, December 26th.

People who love literature, friends of the poet, and members of the trust came together at the H-8 graveyard at 11:30 am on Tuesday. They gathered to honor the strong spirit and literary contributions of Parveen Shakir, who is one of Pakistan’s most celebrated poets.

Parveen Shakir was born in Karachi in November 1952, on a rainy day. She received the Pride of Performance award for her excellent contributions to literature.

Some of her well-known poems are Sad-barg, Khud Kalami, and Inkar, which were compiled in the book Mah-e-Tamam. She passed away in a car accident in Islamabad in 1994 when she was forty-two years old.

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Parveen Shakir wrote several books. Her first one, Khushboo, came out in 1977. Her last book, Inkaar, was published in 1990. In between, Sadburg and Khudkalami were also published. Another collection, Kafe-Aina, was released after she died in 1996.

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