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Historic Surge: Pakistan’s Stock Market Skyrockets, 100 Index Hits Unprecedented High

“Experience financial success as Pakistan’s stock market soars to new heights! The 100 Index sets a record, reflecting positive economic developments. Invest with confidence in this thriving market.”

Historic Surge: Pakistan's Stock Market Skyrockets, 100 Index Hits Unprecedented High

Good news for Pakistan’s stock market! It’s doing well and just set a new record in the 100 index. Today is the third day in a row that the stock market has been doing great, and now the index is even higher, crossing the 63,000 level.

The 100 index is now at 63,475 points, going up by 519 points. Experts think this is because of positive updates about the country’s economy.

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They say that the stock market is benefiting from funds being released for the election and positive talks with the IMF. Investors are feeling more confident as a result.

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